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‘The Undertaker of Rock’ grew up  listening to his music turned up LOUD  and spent his teenage years teaching himself guitar & piano (to name a few!)

Martin is a classically trained pianist and self - taught guitarist. He has been writing songs since the age of 16, with his first band, Conflict. 

He sometimes performs at Open Mic nights with a range of friends and csn be found up and down the country in the away end for West Ham United.


A polyglot, and lover of all things music,  Martin has been described as "speaking many languages but his instrument does the talking."


Cum On Feel The Noize!!!

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“Nitro” Nige began playing guitar in his early teens, then migrated to bass when playing his first ever shows out in The Bahamas over several Christmas’ during the 80s!

Hart by name and Heart by nature, Nitro always gives 100% to the cause and believes it’s not just how you PLAY a song, but just as importantly how you PERFORM it that counts!

When PHP drummer Trev West described him as being  “like Liberace on Crack” he was the only person who could see this as a positive compliment!







Who Loves Ya Bay-Bee!!!




The beat of PHP (or should that be the beast?), who's conspicuously absent from the vast majority of live photos (a curse all drummers have to bear). But he prefers to let his drums tell you he's there anyway - short in stature but huge in NOIZE.

The good looking, sexy, charming, witty, intelligent (modest!) member of the band (not that the competition is stiff) whose love of all things Glam started in 1971 upon hearing Coz I Luv You by Slade. It began a love affair with Noddy Holder and Co that survives to this day, although his favourite band for many years has been, and doubtless always will be Canada's (nay, the world's) finest, Rush.




Mama Weer All Crazee Now!!!!


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