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Cum On Feel The Prophetz!

Who needs a Hadron Collider to harness your energy when you have the sheer brute power and cosmic bliss of the POUK HILL PROPHETZ?!


Three misfits who were brought 2GETHER by their love of all things Glam and in particular those Wolverhampton Wanderers -


These true Children Of The Revolution were fused 2GETHER to

Make Some Noize in 2014 and haven’t looked back since.

Taking their unique brand of Glitter Coated Anthems wherever they feel the love, this bombastic power trio have already delighted audiences as far afield as France, Germany, Wales and Scotland.


They've been joined and endorsed by some of their musical heroes along the way including Pete Way (UFO), Laurence Archer (Grand Slam/UFO), Danny Peyronel (UFO/Heavy Metal Kids ) and Noddy Holder & Don Powell (Slade).  

There’s a lot more gas in the tank so hide your valuables and lock up your grandmothers as Pouk Hill Prophetz could be in your town soon!   

"Prophetz are not a tribute band. Instead they carry the torch for a genre of music that was first lit by Slade and carried aloft all over the world"

                                                             - Tony R Cox, music journalist 

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